a lost love revisited

So it is no surprise to any of you that I have a boyfriend. I have introduced all my friends to him and have told anyone about him I can. We have known each other 20 yrs and are finally together. The journey long and the road hard, but we are together. Now enough of me,, some thoughts on loves lost.

I have realized how precious all the people who have come in and out of our lives are. I have realized that we are maybe just maybe someone important to someone we didn't think we were anything to. I see people passing all the time and never acknowledge the people around them. We do not nod, we do not smile. Both are free.

Paris was just attacked,,,again. Other countries are going through strife. We on US soil have dealt with 9-11 and other attacks. With so much violence why are we all not more compassionate? Why are we not seeing how we can be the love another stranger needs. We do not even treat each other as human we see each other as someone to gain something from. We see people as disposable.

We are a love lost. We are missing the human connection, human compassion for our fellow humans around us. We do not know how a smile may touch another person or opening a door for them might make their day. With a world that is full of hurting people on a daily basis, why then does it take an attack to attract compassion?

When we wake up every morning we have a choice. We can choose to be human and full of love and compassion or we can choose to be Scrooge. If choosing compassion is free and will help the world be a better place I say we all strive for compassion. You choose daily if you want to be  happy. Yes you choose. It is your choice if you focus on all the shitty stuff going on around you. We choose our voice on how the day is. We decide if we shall smile at a stranger. We can see things any way we see fit.

Love is lost when we do not smile. Love is lost when we close our hearts. Love is free. Yes loving makes us vulnerable, but at a time when the world is being attacked over and over, maybe, just maybe we need to love, show love, or say I love you over and over.

This world can be a very cold cold place. I know you will agree with me on that. I see you nodding as you read my words. I see though in your heart that you want to spread goodness. You want to be a voice of hope and love in this world that is crying out to be held. Love is lost when one human ignores another. One human is equal to another human. No one is above anyone and definitely no one is above being loved.

When I started this I said I have a lost love. I do. My boyfriend and I met many moons ago. Let us just say we treated each other crappy. We would not be together now. We would not be happy, in love, and looking at spending our lives together loving each other. Why would you wanna risk love? You do not know how in this world your love will be received and I know sometimes it seems like it is being received badly, but I promise you, you will never regret sending that love out into the world. Love comes back to you as it has with us.

With the world being attached so much and by so many different avenues maybe you can decide to be the love the world needs today.

May peace and love prevail upon this land we call planet Earth.
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