some low cost holiday ideas

So with everyone having hard times, me included, I thought I would give you some ideas and tips for a holiday that wont break your bank. It is not the size of the gift, the money that went into it, it is your heart and showing you care that matters. I know Christmas/Holiday decorations have been out for weeks, do not even get me started on that with the stores. It is all about the bottom dollar to them. With all that said I share some great ideas for presents, decorating, and spreading love.

These are my own ideas I have done and used over the years with my family. They have treasured all their gifts from me because they were made and not store bought.

First: Pine cones. I gather them at a local park because I do not have them in my back yard. I leave mine natural but you can obviously paint them with spray paint if you want. You can find Michael store coupons on their app, or online, and get the paint really cheap. If not, do not paint them. You can get a eye hook and thread it into the tops of the pine cones. I suggest using gloves as those pine cones will hurt your hands. Once you have the eye hooks in thread red, green, white, silver, (you get the point) ribbon through them and connect at the top with a twist tie. You then attach a bow you made out of the same ribbon. You now have a lovely holiday decoration for outside, inside, mailbox, or just about anywhere you want. Your door would be lovely. So pine cones (free), eye hooks ( less then $3 at your neighborhood hardware store, paint $ few bucks, ribbon also use coupon for this, Total you could spent maybe $6 and make a bunch of these to give out.

Second: Felt ornaments. We do these every few years and my children are grown. All you need is felt and bakers twine. I cut the felt in tree patterns ( you can use cookie cutters to trace patterns ), candy canes, stars, hearts, and other holiday shapes. You can buy batting to place inside for $5. Each thing of felt is $.25 cents. Do not forget you need two sides. Let the children sew them up and decorate with gluing on extra pieces of felt for decorations. Id share maybe ages for this one 6 and up. Little kids can of course glue on decorations,but the needle makes me say 6 and up.  You can make a bunch of these ornaments for about $5.

                               Felt Christmas Ornaments

One last idea. I found this fabric in a goodwill one year and decided to make new stockings for x mas gifts. They hang in my home as a decoration because I could not part with them, but the fabric was $3. I had thread, but if you need to buy a spool its cheap. All together they cost me $5 to make four new stockings.

I hope this gives you some great inexpensive ideas for the holidays, but if you still need help go check out this lovely space for financial tools.
We can all stretch our holiday dollars farther with being frugal in our giving. I honestly believe holiday home crafting is a great idea. I always have enjoyed making my holiday gifts. They mean more to me than any store bought item. Hope these ideas get you off to a great inexpensive holiday season.

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PS Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. What are you grateful for this season? Leave me a message in the comments and share with me.


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