a change is in the air

With Spring right around the corner I can feel a change in the air. I feel people are once again becoming friendly. I believe people are coming out of their cocoons. I believe we are shedding off failures and embracing our vast futures by getting ready to step into spring.

A change in how we feel is flittering around us in the air as if by magic we will transform into butterflies and be free of winter, of darkness, of the depression, the hiding, the bundling up. Not all people do this. I realize some of us love to hunker down for winter months. More slow family time takes place, more game nights, more late night suppers without cell phones, and in general more connect time with our families. We light fires, we play games, we talk, we snuggle longer and seem to love deeper.

A change is coming if we want it or not. Longer days, warmer nights, Along with these things though comes blooming jasmine, spring bouquets, playing outdoors, and slamming screen doors. Also comes spring cleaning. We move things around. We clean around places we have not seen in months. We put away little things, and bring out new things. Dark colored blankets make room for light knit blankets.

Lighting is changing. We wake in the dark, but soon in the light. We have 12 hours of light. We have more time to accomplish what we want. Best of all,,,,we have lightening bugs to chase. Yes I still love chasing them. I love watching them. They have always fascinated me. Little night lights from nature. We have more time to cook, to play, to snuggle, to take walks after dinner. We have what feels like an endless day to accomplish so much.

Our hearts even seem lighter. Our burdens seem less. Our lives do not seem so harsh in the daylight. We see sun falling on us and cheering us up. We sit on porches and share stories. A long long tradition. We give voices to our memories. We pass down stories about relatives long gone, but even so our hearts seem lighter.

As we more into this changing period let's keep in mind that light, warmth, and more time are all positive things. We are in the liminal space. The inbetween. We are not really in Winter anymore. We are not really in Spring. I imagine us all free floating waiting on Spring to open up and welcome us down into it. Engulfing us in lovely smells, Easter baking, trips for vacation, and numerous other activities.

I have so much going on as I get ready to finish my B.A. in English. I have three short stories I have started and no time to finish them, but I promise once I do,Sunday stories will return. I wish you all much love light and happiness as you all move into Spring here in the northern hemisphere. If you are elsewhere and transitioning to Winter do not fret,,,Spring will come again. May the long light lift your soul. May you find more things to play outside with your kids. May you all put up your phones, enjoy your loved ones, and explore nature.

Next blog post I am partnering with wework.com  and talking about my writing space. Im hoping you will like it. I think a pleasant writing space is definitely needed for creativity to flow.
Till then,,, I spent the day out shooting my sons car racing club, so I am leaving you with a few of those photos and one of Spring in Georgia.  take care and get ready,, a change is coming :D

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