a little love

Today is Valentine's Day. Today is a day that is set aside to show love. While I agree businesses are out to cash out in you on this holiday, I also think that showing some extra love today is not a bad thing. Today is more then cards and flowers.Today is a day for love. For sister love, for family love, for romantic love. Love comes in many forms and all should be celebrated. I think the world needs more love. We need to say " I love you more" we need to hug more. We need more sugar in our lives. (yes more sweetness) Today is a day like any other, but today we show MORE love. Today we embrace those around us. We hug our kids closer, we kiss more, hold hands longer. Today we make a nice romantic breakfast for our love ones. Today we spend showing love to all who enter our day.
Today is love.

While I see nothing wrong with store bought gifts, I have come up with new traditions for my boyfriend and I. Being our first Valentine's Day we did a craft that was part him and part me. We love doing it together and will be doing a small craft each year. We had a nice slow morning with pancakes and bacon. We took out time to get out the door. Once we did we went bowling. So romantic right? But we had so much fun together,another first and another memory. Long lunch after and rocking on a southern porch and talking after. Was a perfect day.

Now im listening to  "What a Wonderful life" by Louis Armstrong and think myself, what a wonderful world.  What an amazing life that we love, that we allow ourselves to be involved into other peoples lives and share in their joys and happiness. Today love  a little longer, linger in each others company. Enjoy the slowness of the day. Enjoy your day. Love yourself. Pamper yourself. Love is an amazing gift and do we not deserve it.

I want to wish you all an amazing valentines day. Enjoy the love that surrounds you. Enjoy each other, share chocolate, share hugs, share it all, Enjoy the day in anyway you want, but include some extra love.

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