Writing Prompt 11 and What's New

Hey all,
I hope Autumn finds you enjoying apples, leaves, crisp air, and everything else associated with Fall.It is such an amazing time of year. There is a change coming, a coolness, darkness falls earlier, and we turn inward to spending time just at home with our families and friends. I love that about the season. Not only are there physical changes, but people respond in different ways. We each move through this earth with different agendas, beliefs, and other items. I think what matters most is that if someone needs us we are there for them not based on what we will gain, but in what we will be to them. We could be a friend they need to listen, to help, to give a lift to, to help weed a garden, or just about anything. What we get is joy from helping. We accomplish something for someone else without any regard for reward.

In any relationship it is a give and take. Recently I have been thinking if you do one that the other then the scales tip in your relationship. ( I am a Libra, we hate unbalanced scales ) I think though sometimes some unbalancing is needed. Sometimes we have struggle with what our partner may not. They may be able to do something for us over and over, before we get a chance to do anything for them. I think this is balance. At some point that partner is going to need to have something done for them that only we can do. We need to realize that even though it may seem unbalanced sometimes, our relationship is really not. Even in friendships, what looks unbalanced may not actually be unbalanced. Unless you are IN the relationship you wont know.

I have been writing like a crazy woman and have signed up for nanowrimo this November. I plan on writing short stories, but nanowrimo is for novels. So I will make something work. I want to push myself into doing updates to my work,to allow myself to be pushed down a conveyor belt of writing, but to do it my way, with my words, and so on and so forth.

If you are doing it too, let me know :D I will be happy to cheer lead you on. Right now that balanced has shifted and I am here for you!!

So Writing Prompt 11. Wow 11 already. Here is your photo for this weeks prompt:

A little adorable place in Georgia. Run with it!! I hope it inspires you to keep writing!!

For now, that is all from my little home to yours, many autumn blessings.

your story teller/poet


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