Impromptu Day & Writing Prompt 9

Greetings all. I have been away travelling so please forgive my tardiness on prompt 9. First, let me say life has and always will surprise me !! I used to be a big planner. I would print the maps off the computer in case the phone or internet went down. I would pack a smaller cooler with water bottles for a day trip just in case. I planned snacks for a 2-hour drive. Yep, I was that person. Now there is nothing wrong with being that way, but I noticed as I got older that something in me has changed. I no longer care to plan. I was the only one who worried about these things and the rest of my family just was along to have fun.

So yesterday we set out to go to a festival that well is next weekend. My bad. So on to plan B, but I didn't plan, so we went to an animal rescue place next, On the way, we found a festival like the one we were trying to go to. We continued onto the animal place, then found a garden to explore, and then we went to this festival.

An unplanned trip turned into a day of adventure and a day of alone time. We spent the whole day together and no service on the phones. YES!! Thank you, lord! We talked, we walked, we discussed the animals the gardens, the festival, and all from a day that did not go the way I planned.

An impromptu day, a stumble upon  a festival like we were trying to go to, and a day of exploring all sorts of amazing items set in this garden. I have learned many life lessons, but one of the most important ones is not to plan every minute of every day. I did bring water bottles, but no cooler. I planned where we were going, but then that changed. I had a great time letting go of holding on and I had one of the best days. The best part was $2.50 for the festival for us both due to us going so late in the day it was half off and the only other expense was gas and dinner at Cracker Barrell.

I wrote a post a long time ago saying there was a twinge in the air of change and I have to say I feel it again. Not only am I playing it by ear more these days, but my writing has gotten a lot more fun, I am letting loose with more reigns than I can to hold. The air has a little chill in it , pumpkin items are on menus everywhere, and Autumn is coming. With that said I lead you into the next paragraph and the next writing prompt.

Writing prompt #9 as always is a photo. Think about what you see, what reactions you have to it, and what emotion it ignites in you. I hope you all let go of the reigns some, follow your plans a little less, smell the fall in the air and enjoy your writing. Have fun this Autumn jumping in leaves, drinking hot alcohol drinks, snuggle by the fire, and write :D

Your story teller/poet


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