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I have been writing words for many moons. I have put together sentences into paragraph after paragraph for years. I am at a place where I can help others with the knowledge I have collected. I have taught writing workshops and have work shopped numerous peoples pieces in writing group settings. I have lead a writing group and have been writing for years.

Recently I have found a space for my voice on Medium.com. I am currently hunting down freelance writing jobs. I write in this blog, I used to write for ourcollective.org, and now I write short stories, poetry, and memoirs. Writing is something that is in my blood and as they say, "We bleed all over the page". I find bleeding all over my metaphorical page is therapy for my soul. I feel so many things so deeply and cannot express them in normal conversations. I find myself filled with words of a poem or short story that would express how I feel. My voice needs to come out and it does not matter if those words are shared or not, so long as I get them out of my head.

I firmly believe writing through grief is a true benefit. I have friends (and myself) who have gone through so much in life that they cannot process all that has happened. I have given then journals and told them to write it out. Write the anger, the hurt, the desperation down on the page. I find if you write out your thoughts and emotions, as you write you move through them. Clarity will eventually fall upon you. You might ramble for days, months, whatever amount of time, but then you have the moment of letting go. You let go of the hate, the hurt, the never ending moaning of poor pity me ( we have ALL been there) and you see yourself day by day get stronger. You move through grief into a place where once again you are happy.

Writing is pure magic. You have these 26 lettings in the English language. You mix them up to form words, your words take baby steps and become paragraphs, and so on and on. You form thoughts, stories, poems, and you make words that touch peoples emotions and hearts. What you wrote helped someone. What you wrote touched someone. Your words you made. This is the magic part. You wrote it down because you had to get it out. You had to get it out of your head!! You didn't write to inspire, to aid, to be there for someone. You wrote for you, from your heart, and you connected with souls all over the world who read your words. Writing is pure magic!!

I believe that our words will outlast us. We will parish from this earth and our words will go on. It could be in print somewhere, online somewhere, and certainly, I hope, in our friends and families hearts. I realize that in today's fast paced instant world things come and go, but books have been around forever. Words have been used to share stories for generations. Oral story telling is a true art form and I for one hope my words live past my life time. I hope they remain to tell my children, family, friends, and loved ones that I indeed love them all. I feel love so deeply for them that only through poems or short stories can I share it.

Writing is definitely an art form. Us writers all feel like we are creating works of art. Sometimes bad ones yes, but we create. We move from the bad drafts to the good bones of our story. We move deeper into imagery as we describe something in greater details. We move from surface to deep layers. It is a process for us all. Take your first draft and go deeper, then your next, and so on. Write it out without censoring yourself. Write like no ones going to read it. Write from your heart, with all your emotions, and thoughts. Untangle them all later.

Well there is some writing advice for you. You can find more on Medium.com. I am Debbie Aruta on there. I have pieces on writing rules and breaking them, being a journeyman writer, who do you write for, and more. I honestly believe sharing these ideas, tips, or advice may help others write better. My best advice for you, if you are not part of a writing group then join one. Work shopping with like minded writers really helps the process that other wise is solitary.

All my best
your story teller/poer


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