Books, books, and more books!

I have recently started a full time evening job, so my reading time has move to early morning, but I notice that there are books everywhere I sit now. I seem to leave a trail of books in my wake. I have Victor Hugo's Huntchback started, Ray Oldenburg's "The Great Good Place" started (its a re read for me I love this book so much), and Vintage Munro, which is Alice Munro's book. I am sure there is more but those are all within eye sight.

While I love to read I also have a great love of writing. I find the more I read the more eager I am to write. Some people do not mix the two, but honestly I feel more reading leads me personally to more writing. Other peoples words inspire me to write. I have two book shelves of books I have read, poetry books, writing books, all sorts of books; short stories, fiction, non-fiction,creative writing, and so on and so forth. Why do I have all these books? For inspiration.

Reading books books and more books makes me happy. They carry me to romance, far off lands, help me forget a bad day, I make new friends within the pages. Ray Oldenburg says we need a great third place in our lives where we feel safe. Well for me reading is that. Reading is a safe haven to my day. It allows me time to free up my mind, to relax, and to connect with words, stories, and learn.

Books from the library, used book stores, used book sales, and even goodwill, fill my home. No book is safe. I read Bronte, Huge, but also Sarah Allen Addison. Which I'm including her link so you can check her amazing stories out as well. Sarah Allen Addison

Reading and sharing who we like widens the door of reading. Sharing books with friends. Helping others find new authors, sharing details on our writing and reading habits, all of these things aid us in our reading and writing journals. Another author I am crazy about is Paula Brackston

Both have amazing novels with such great imagery and the story lines are believable. Brackston uses Welch folk tales to tell her stories and you will not go wrong reading any of her books! Or Addison's for that matter. The more you read the wider your world becomes and the wider your world becomes the bigger your heart in understanding the world and having more compassion for it, grows. Well so I think. Reading and writing allow us a way to deal with daily struggles, to read about places we may or may not go, but it deepens our existing world regardless.  

I hope your home is filled with books. If not go to your local library and find yourself some. You need only go look and you will find something you like. I hope you are all busy this weekend with loved ones, but if not, if you have time, perhaps read a book or two. If you write then perhaps write a story or more.

Happy Weekending to you all.
your storyteller/poet


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