de-association with my words

I am not what I write. I write. I am an author. I write poems. I write fiction. None of them are me. None are parts of me. I might sprinkle me in here or there in a word, but never am I the whole piece.
Being a writer opens you up, well to everything. You are open to criticism, your words are open to interpretation, what you thought was clearly written is now a blurred line by a reader. Readers assume I am my words.

Writers write. We invent stories.We invent lives who we interpret as truths. We put together sentences to make the readers have a clear path to follow, but it is not clear. We write a color and it is seen that the character was depressed. We write they had a certain job and readers put the stereotype with it. We think we write without someone being able to put something into it, but that is never the case. A few years back I wrote a poetry piece on suicide and had a ton of people making sure I was not going to kill myself.

Authors invent scenarios.  Some of us might be ready to kill ourselves over bad writing, but I assure you we are not our stories. We just have inventive, creative minds. We love to wander down paths in our writing that we would not dare go down in real life. We attack, kill, and anything else to our characters. We write out what our brains can imagine and we enjoy it. We are not, well ok some of us are, thinking of killing a spouse.

I just wrote a poem on rape. I have *thank you lord* never been raped. I do have friends who have been. Some have ended in pregnancy. Some have had abortions. Rape and all that emotionally and physically comes from it is truly a nightmare. My poem just was dealing with it, but I know readers are going to contact me to make sure I am ok. Writers write. It is our job. I sit in coffee shops and listen to people talk. I watch people. I pick up character traits from people. A lisp here, a limp here, and a relationship here and I have a story in the making.

Writers are always told to write what you know. Well I know people. I watch, listen, then twist the pieces into stories. My life has its moments, but in the end 99% of my writing is made up. A twisted pretzel of peoples lives I picked up. I write because the voices in my head tell me to. I write because I need to get the ideas, stories, and thoughts out of my head. I write to put story down on the page and share it. I have to risk it not being taken the way I intended and have tough skin to deal with critiques, readers, and whoever else attacks my work.

I write to be heard.

Your story teller/ poet
PS why do you write?
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