Grad School & Empty Nest

My baby girl goes to grad school tomorrow. She is moving to NC and we are all going the five hours to move her into her first apartment. She has basically my whole kitchen and a ton of my furniture. See she was supposed to make my nest empty. I was looking forward to being 50 in a few years and peace. I will miss her like mad. I am already crying. She is taking our cat so she is not alone. I am supposed to be alone, but my boyfriend moved in last December. We work so well together. We love books. We love picnics. We love just being with the other one. Now we have his 9 yr old step kid.

My words, this post, is for my baby girl. I wish you joy in your new apartment, happiness with our kitty, and love in your life. I have seen you struggle through life to find yourself. I have seen you do tap, baton, cheer leading with mean cheerleaders. You struggled with being a true nice girl in a world full of mean people. You had death threats in middle school, you had bad and good experiences. I tried to do my best raising you by myself.

You came into this world by c section because you were to stubborn to turn and till this day you will not turn from your true self. You have achieved your undergrad degree while working two jobs. You graduated with honors. You show determination in anything you tackle and this next step into grad school is no different You do not see your strength but I do. You are stronger then you think. You can and do accomplish so much,

I will miss you so much, though my nest will not be empty, and let me say I was looking forward to it, it will never be the same without you in it. You have lived with me since you were born. Your brother moved out at 18, but you and I are attached. We have done so many things together that I will treasure. I am so thankful for your love, your smile, your grouchy days, and all the other things in between. You are my daughter and my friend. You are so much joy in my life.

I know in grad school you will kick ass. You will rock the program, the internship after, and you will rule the world. You will spread kindness where you go. You will listen with empathy to peoples lives. You will study, achieve and believe in yourself like never before. You are AMAZING!!

My nest will miss its queen baby bird. My heart is breaking and happy for you at the same time. I will miss you and the kitty. ( it is a toss up who I will miss more ;) ) I love you honey from the bottom of my heart. Call often, visit often, live you life and be happy.

Dear sweet child, rock the world, take no no's, accomplish all you can and live your life large.
your momma is super proud of you!! Go rock NC!!!


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