Greetings again all,

I hope Summer finds you happy,well and relaxed. Im taking a Summer college class and almost done. Im hoping to be able to pull off a town hula hooping night in the fall for our town and my photography show is coming up next friday.


Why do you tease me with your sun and heat?
Why do you burn me up the minute I walk outdoors?

Fun time, lightening bug time.
Late nights out on the porch time.
Walks and book time with lemonade time
mixed in!!

Summer, why do you tease me so?
Shinning down and so so happy.
Chasing out the cobwebs of the Winter.
Running after each other and playing together.

Play time, tag time, Hula hoop time.

Its Summer, wont you come play with me ?


Im taking another Enlgish class in the fall. Im looking forward to writing again. Reading more books and Im almost a Jr now in college. By the time im 46 I hope to have that English degree under my belt.

I hope summer finds you relaxing. Lemonade is always being made at my house. I love to roll the lemons and squeeze them. Tonight is WII game night.

What fun things are you up to tonight? And would you come to a town hula hoop night?

I have some people interested who work with Juvenielle Diabetes kids and I have some food sponsors signed up. Im hoping to pull it off,maybe in October when the heat lets up down here in Georgia. So im going to start making hula hoops to sell at the event, but everyone can bring their own. Maybe some live music,picnics, fun food and hula hoops. Whats your opnion?

As always you can find me on etsy.
and on flickr as Debbsga. Stop by either or leave me a comment here and say hello.


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