Its a Monday

oh its a monday. I hope you are all having  a good day. I just wanted to pop in and sat... August 3rd Im having my first photography show just for me. If you are in the Warner Robins, Macon, Ga area please come.
Its at the 567 club from 6-9 on cherry street. I have different photo types. I did some polaroids,which my new banner is, I have some 120 film photos, some 35 mm ones and some TTV's. ( Through the Viewfinder)
Its where you use an old Argus or that type of camera and you shoot a digitial with what you see in the Argus.

Its going to be quite the scene. Photos have been taking with my 60D, Argus, Holga and Sx-70. I really think after this I might consider doing a class to teach some skills,cameras and editing.

Think im at that point :D

Have a great monday!! oxoxoxo

and do tell me,,whats your passion???


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