Life is fulled with little tiny moments that make it all worth while.
Last night I took myself on a date to a concert and was not disappointed.
Ive been divorced 10 yrs and with no guy on the horizon, I date myself.
And please I do it better then any guy could hahahah

We need to enjoy all the moments,cause while the large ones are amazing. If we sit and wait
daily for the large ones,life will be disappointing. Enjoy the smaller moments. Photograph
them and then,,here is the key PRINT THEM OUT!! dont let them sit on your hard drive waiting
to be lose. Print them out,,you know those old books they used to sell to put photos in,,
NEWS FLASH they still make them!! go buy some and print print print. Years to come you will look
back at all the smaller moments and enjoy them all!!

god bless,have a great sunday and I give you permission to snap away!!!
Debbie :D


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