Love! I think Robert Browning said it best when he said

Love me sweet, with all thou art,
Love me in the lightest part,
Love me in full being.

Thats part of a poem titled a mans requirment.

Love is a tricky part. Does he like me? should I love him?
Pride comes into play. Well im not going to be the one
to do or say anything.

Love,,,its puzzling. You reach out  to find no one there.
You love with all your might and your heart breaks.

It hits the ground and shatters into a thousand pieces.

Love,,,,you make me wonder love. Would you love me
just for me? with all my faults? with all my closed off heart?

people fall into love,,out of love,back in love,,

we love family,friends and a special someone.
we love ice cream,fireworks,picnics.

Life is a very complicated thing and then you add Love.
Sometimes I think its just a bad four letter word.

In the End,, I love LOVE and hope one day to be in love again.

How about you?

I love boardwalks,piers,the ocean,the sand,shells,salt water,even on my lips...tell me somethings you love :D


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