Brrr its cold out and a new poem

Hey all,
Its getting chilly here in Georgia. Well chilly for Georgia standards. Im originally from NJ and hello cold is not till AFTER its well below freezing,you are waiting outside with wet hair and your boots are soaked with snow in 2 seconds. I hope this post finds you all snuggle warm in your homes and enjoying some great hot cocoa. Wednesday night is the lighting of the Rockefeller tree in NYC. Now being a "Joisey gal" I can say that its not the holiday season till you have seen the tree be lit. Its a big honor to have your tree picked. They shut down roads to get it into the city (like there isnt enough traffic) and it takes a lot of man power and cranes to get it into place safely. There is an hour long show,,some great music, but in the end BAM!! tree is lit and Holidays can begin!!! So Happy Holidays from my little space in Georgia and with all that rambling a few little poems.

Poem #1
I wandered in the woods today.
the sounds that nature made,
were so peacful.
The trail I hiked was filled with tracks,
marks of those who came before.
Mushroom thoughts filled my head.

Poem #2
dragonfly,dragonfly why must you run away?
Silence in the pond of life.
My face I see reflecting at me.
dragonfly look away, I do not
want you to see me.

Candle flickering in the night
moth flying so out of flight
room for me and room for you
wings to grow and float away

Excitedly  I entered the day
loneliness of the air filled my heart
When I left the day, I felt despair
Joy was my friend no more.

Ok with all that said,,,do you write? are you stuck? I read this book Poem  Crazy a few years ago.In the back of the book there  is a word bank. a collection of random words. You picked a quartet of words and wrote a poem using all four words. Well that is what you see above. They are fun,quirky and get you writing. If you are stuck,,make a word bank. The book suggests raffle tickets and a big bowl ( or I guess basket would work too) write a word on each ticket. Keep going. Carry them with you and jot a few down during the day. At the end of the day,dump them in your bowl. When you get stuck,pick four random words. Somehow combine them into a poem or writing. It is actually fun and I am now hooked on words. I keep a journal on me and just write words down when I hear them,while someones talking im making a mental list. It really is a great way to get UN-STUCK!! Give it a try. Tell me some of your words. Share a poem or writing with me. Id be glad to put it up on here if youd like to share.
Just leave me a comment with your email or email me.

Keep on writing!! It gets easier :D

Word Master


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