a new poem,,all rights are mine and this poem may not be used in whole or part without my written permission


the night was camouflaged in fear.
Silent rain fell near and far
Our minds played tricks,
like seeing a sign in tea leaves.

we saw the river floating by
Dreams drifted by, hearts floated on
Suicide was our friend
the night came to close us in

rain made our bodies swell
Minds shrunk by all our hope
the rains came down and washed us away
No one cared that we were gone.

so im going to try and get someone to respond

write a poem titled : who Am I?
use your area,your accent, your friends, everything that makes you who you are...

so something like   who Am I?
a mother, sister, aunt
I love from my soul
to share a hug is a dream

and whatever you want,but come on and share with me :D
I know someone out there writes :D

have a super day


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