Spiral for good or bad

Lately ive been sick,,migraines,stomach bug,you name it. With this came a bad grade on a bio test. With this came me missing work and so on and on and on..its a spiral.Not a downward one mind you,buy maybe a sideways one. Life is not what we see,its how we perceive it. Im taking my icky test grade as a challenge that I can and WILL get a B out of this class. I have worked to hard in this class to quit now. Life is a spiral.

Havent gone to the gym since monday. Made peace with that too. Ive lost 7 pounds this week from the stomach bug,,not the way to do it,but  im just learning to go with it all. Im just finally back on solids and will be ,,if my strength is back,back to the gym sat and then back to monday wed friday next week. With those of you who have said ive inspired or reinspired you to work out. Thank you. Im glad my journey has motivated others to do something too. I had someone this week offer me persciption diet pills this week. While I understand for some its needed or they will die,but for me,its a cop out. Why take a pill? Put in the effort,time and work outs I say. Now this person was on them and I told him,once you get off, you will gain it back,,and he is!! Can we say,,told you so? Well we can,but I wont. Im not one for taking the easy track,,track more travelled or anything else. I blaze my own trail,life,accomplishments and everything else. Now for the # bmi is down to 38 and weight is now,,drumroll please 220!!! Started at 250-255. Ive been asked what # Im shooting for, I say,,the healthy one. Im my health class I learned last week that exercise is the magic bullet for healthy heart.

Its late,,well early 12:22AM and I couldnt sleep. You have been on my mind. I had a great bio lab tonight. I think maybe just happy to be back among the living. This stomach bug,,omg,,killer!!!
I got to see Gin House perform again tonight on campus. Great group. Check them out on Itunes,but I think its Gin House LP on itunes. Its two young guys,so if you type it in and it isnt two young guys,,let me know,ill go look it up.

I hope you are doing well!! Im sitting typing in the dark to you with my sweater that used to fit,wrapped around me one and a half times!!! DANG I love that!!! I can see muscles now, definition, healthy heart again and I love life. I hope you are all healthy and have someone special to share Easter Sunday with. My brother calls me the family religious nut. My pastor disagrees, but if you are a christian,this Sunday is a BIG holiday,,Christ rose!!! AMEN!!

Im going to work on another poem this weekend,,edit one and finalize it for you. Then bio homework and studying for lab final. I love life, health and maybe one day a good man. For now I hope you all have a great night. Well morning anyways


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