New Poem

this Sunday,again, Im going to upload a new poem. I wrote it one night when I cant sleep. I rarely sleep. I think you will like it. Im trying to get into writing a new poem weekly and putting it up on Sundays. Sundays are usually my relaxing day. Working all week,classes and school work on Sat also. I hope everyone is doing great . Just a quick update, Im down 25 pounds now. Been working out at the gym now since around Jan 7th. My workout partner has pretty much quit due to health issues. We had someone else join us,but she isnt serious. She walks 2mph on the treadmill 30-40 min and wont do weights or anything. I wont bore you with all of that, whats important in MY journey is, IM STILL DOING IT. I do elliptical now 30 Min per my trainer and then 30-40 with weights. *the machines and free weights* per my trainer again. Did I mention my SIL in NJ is my trainer? She went to school for it and is helping me :D. My daughter wrote a paper for one of her classes on obesity and it home with me when she said," Mom when I get my exercise science degree, im going to help you get healthy, I worry about you." Well nuff said and onto the gym I went. Changed how I eat,what I eat and all, mind you I had three cookies yesterday. I eat what I want,just eat smaller amounts :D Win, Win. If you tell me I cant eat something,hello im going to eat it all. Well I need to go shower, did my yoga again this AM. I soooooooo enjoy yoga,who knew I would.

I hope you have a heart healthy day. Enjoy your journey and dont let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong!!



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