French Kind of Mood

I got off work early today. I got some things for my DIL b day dinner tonight and decided to stop in my new favorite shop on the way home. They had a beautiful display up for their one year that looked something right out of a Paris scene. I was there many Many MANY years ago. I only was in the country three days and it wasn't enough time and wish I had gone back again. Paris is a very magical place. When people say it is a romantic place,they are right. I could stroll for hours and hours and watch people walking hand in and hand and kissing.

Well the lady who owns the shop let me in on who was singing this beautiful French music and yes now its on my ipod too. It makes me swoon and sway. I want to sit on a Parisian bridge or walk a market and go to a cafe and write. I want to write my first famous book. I can say years later, oh yes, I wrote then when in Paris. I want to take hour and hour lunches,not be pushed out of a restaurant and just enjoy people watching.

Happy Birthday to the Robins Nest in Warner Robins, GA. Thank you ladies for sharing your French music with me. I hope you are there for many more years to come and ill be back.

So tomorrow I think I might have to watch somethings got to give and listen to more French music and see them in Paris,on a bridge, in the snow , KISSING!! Come on,who does not love kissing? Even if just in a movie.

I should have a new poem up for you by Sunday and I think a French motivated one is coming also. I can feel the pot stirring ( in my mind) Imagination and creativity are a horrible thing to waste. Have you been to Paris? France? Tell me what you think. I know the French do not like us, but I did love Paris.
Maybe one day ill get a chance to go back. In all honesty I can not see myself living in the USA forever. I lived in Germany for a few years and I think Europeans have a lot right. I love my country,,don't get my wrong. I do so love Germany and France tho and id love to tour Italy and maybe settle down over there. Maybe travel write, who knows what life has in store for me. I know I am open to it.

I hope you are open to your life and changes and living it to the fullest. We get so boggled down with all the small things that we forget to enjoy it.I for one say, " come on small things, im waiting for you"
Enjoy life,,go listen to Edith Piaf  and imagine yourself in France. People watch,what do you see?

Now your task for the day... go LOOK for the small things in life you should be thankful for. Did you see it,,it just passed you,,wait there goes another,better log off now. Im missing my life :D

Till Sunday's Poem,,,Have a Super French Weekend,, la la la   la la la la la  la la ooooh la la :D


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