Poem- Reality

So I like to keep you on your toes..that and I realized its going to be a busy weekend.

So my new poem titled REALITY for you,,on a tuesday.

I was floating above realtiy,
hanging, as if by a web.
One story higher than my feet could walk,
I could see all the wrong that I had done.

Mistakes swam by as if to parade in front of me,
my soul had done so many wrongs.
Heaven was not waiting for me,
nor calling my name. I was well aware.

lives shattered,worlds torn apart,
humble heart,but strong pride.
Life was not as I had seen,
for pain was all around.

eyes glaring at me,judging me,
Souls floating down, down, down.
reaching,clawing pulling me into the ground.
Wrongs had anchored me this way.

mistakes ,lies, I could see it all.
Harnessed energy to sooth the soul,
bound to wander till peace came to me,
I, weighed down, felt my life pass me by.

Floating a story above the ground,
but feet firmly in the mud.
Coldness,stillness, ate my blood,
aching ears,screeching nights ahead.

Someone waiting for me, or my soul.
Someone I do not want to see!!

I do so hope you like it,,leave me a comment and let me know what you think :D

Hope Everyone has a great day/night,depending on where you live.



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