a Rainy sunday afternoon

Rainy,slow kind of day,,studied for french final and french oral exam. Got my notes ready for tues night English final,,and im ready to be done!! so today,,while thinking of french phrases for oral and typing things up and more thinking, I cleaned the dinning room .... top to bottom. Top photo,,dinner for one, my kid is away in Fl, photo two a framed print for my son,,was giving to me while pregnant with him 23 yrs ago. He turns 23 next month eeeeekk!!! Bottom one is candle holders and lace from Germany. The lamp in the middle is local and pretty new. I went to church,studied,cleaned and got a lot done today. When my kidos gone gotta find things to keep me busy or I miss her to much. She is having a great time with her BF, hasnt seen him in a month and missed him so much. Well did you have a great weekend? Get some things done? Relax? Do nothing and enjoy it? I hope you are all well. Waiting to hear about two jobs I applied for, so keep me in your prayers!!. Happy Relaxing Sunday to you all :D


PS my latest Collab with me new German Friend Carito


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