Well hello again. Today was market day in town. I love the markets we have ,one in my city on Thurs and one in another city on Sat. I think this week, ill hit them both :D Here are a few photos for you from today's adventure to market.

So many great vendors. I truly believe in buying locally and supporting our farmers. Always have.

Classes are coming to an end at College. I'm sad French is over, my grades have really improved. Today I got my first 98. WOO WOO. Two more classes and finished :(  one more class of my lit class and couldn't be happier,,to many literature classes.

The job search still goes. I applied for a few more jobs this week,, as always, in Gods hands :D Ive gotten pretty good at giving him my problems and worries and not taking them back. What will be,will be :D Who I am to say God is doing it wrong right?

My church is having another craft fair this Oct. Two days before my b day. With the fee and me not working had to tell them no, but I got an email today from an angel and she said don't worry about it,she would pay for me!!! Ive never had to rely on anyone, or ask for assistance, or any kind of help in any way, but since losing my job so many people have stepped in to help me and I'm so grateful.

So wrote a new poem in English class one day when I was bored... wanna hear it? We were talking lit and about the over-soul and Puritanism ( you can see why I was bored) and this poem came to me.

Once There was a Soul

I heard Music in the woods, 
I thought someone was calling to me.
I moved Joyfully to the woods edge, 
I put my toe into the woods & the Music stopped.

The trees swayed & the birds left,
Nature knew what was to come.
Was something chasing me?
Was Nature frozen in time?

I heard a howl & saw the hands,
of the Seasons, reaching for my soul.
I leapt out of the way,
Branches touched me & sent shivers up my spine.

Music flowed again, making its own path,
as it hit the rocks & Flowed through to the woods,like crazy Jazz.
I thought, this time, Id join in , but my mouth was frozen,
as if holding my soul inside.

The Air dove behind me, trying to pull out my soul.
Holding tight I called the Rain,
 I cried & added more water to the Rain.
I needed the Rains help, all the tears gathered in one mass.

Fighting water with fire burning in me. 
I was not ready to go, I wanted to keep my Soul.
At last I pulled away & thought I made it out, but
only to realize, I was now an empty Shell.

Hope you like it. What have you been up to? Are you enjoying your Summer? Watch out for those seasons, so they do not steal your soul *wink, wink*
Do you like the poem? Do you write? Id love to see it? Interested in doing a blog interview with me ? Id love to get some other writers stuff on here and me on theirs. Just leave me a msg :D

Have a super rest of your evening and Bonsoir!!


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