Bonjour again and le fin

French class 1 is over. I received in the mail today some great post cards and presents and a huge lovely map of Paris, which I plan on framing. I woke early with a bad migraine,took meds,went back to bed till my French final. I went and took it and thought I tanked,but turns out 85.5 on it,,which for me in this class is huge. I end the semester with two B's ,which again for me,,not good, usually one B
and an A, but my other class, I was lucky to not fall asleep. My French prof tho was amazing. She kept us moving,interacting,speaking and learning. Im sad for fall semester I am not taking French II, it will sadly have to wait for spring term. I enjoy leaning and hope now that I can parle une peu francais that once again I could revisit France. Ive been to Paris, so maybe this time meet my new French friend in her home town of Morbihan.

Im looking forward to a few weeks off from school. We start back up in 3rd week of August. I hope to finish my book and get ready for Market im working in October. I also have high hopes of catching up on housework and possible doing some writing. Hoping to make the writers meeting this weekend and get some more photos up in a cafe for sale :D

Summer here in Georgia has been good. I love having 8 week classes instead of 16 weeks. Sometimes those last 4 or so seem to dragggggg out. I know in the long wrong having my degree will so be worth it. In the meantime im applying for jobs all over with no luck and hoping congress carries over unemplyment in Dec to Jan and onward. More stress in life I just dont need.

So what things have you done this summer? Did you treat the kids to a pool day and ice cream? Have you done any travelling? I need to live through you all, I just go to school. hehehehe Ive been dealing with my ex father in law still in a long term hospital place. He seems to be having more bad mental days then good. One day he is 94 ,,next 73, *which he really is*, then the next day 63 and hearing things. Please,,if you pray , keep us in your prayers. I love him like I would a dad. Since I never had one,he is it!! Hate seeing him like this and he knows he isnt right and gets so frustrated.

Well we will end on a happy note... Two B's..summer term done and after a bad wicked migraine all day,, after bedrest and meds,,im alive and actually drank some water :) Ill take it!!

Hope to hear from you soon,,,Bonsoir!


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