A late night of burning the midnight oil

Happy February to you all. I am up late as im studying my français and determined to get it or at least get what I don't get hahahah. I wanted to check in and see how the years going for you. Mine is smeh!! (bad), but you know,could be worse. Im trucking along ever so slowly. The cold is almost done here in GA. Maybe another month then it will be warmer and full of yellow pollen blowing by. I am really enjoying my classes this semester. Each brings with it new challenges and new possibilités. This is the first semester, that on the first day of classes, I felt I belonged and I knew what professors were talking about. Usually first days I think oh lord this is now where I belong. I am getting into my upper English classes and are really enjoying them. Tons of papers to write,sonnets to pick apart and poems to write. For the first time I feel like I belong in class,that I can contribute and I understand all the terms my professors are using. Thank you to all my professors that I had before that got me to this point and put up with ten thousand questions from me.

With all that said, I had an Art Association meeting in the morning. I am still trucking along with my photography as well. Just a little less. Tomorrow a meeting then coffee house to study for awhile. They make the best tea!!!

I leave you with a few photos of what I have been shooting.

Hope to be back here soon, but ya know life, its after midnight and meeting is tomorrow at 10AM,, its a good meeting ,we start with mimosas :D

Hope you are all healthy,happy and staying warm!!!


  1. I'm finally gettin a chance to come visit your blog. It's beautiful and I am really enjoying your photography. Kelly

    1. Thank you Kelly,,come back when you can :D
      Happy Spring,


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