a new face and speak about a third place....

Down here in Georgia we tend to warm up before a LOT of the nation. This year has had snow,ice and polar vortex,,which is heading here again!!!  I should say NORMALLY we are warmer than the rest of the nation.The cherry blossoms though have been blooming as we have been in the 70'sF and its been walking weather. I did go walking the other day and captured some spring. Which is my new header photo.

I just finished a book about third places. I know I have mentioned this before, but do you know about this, have you heard and do you agree? Basically you have three places in your life. Your home, work and your third place. The third place is where people come to talk, play chess, gather in groups ,,2 or more, and come to meet with others. Not a place you go to, to just sit alone and get peace. We go to gather in community. What is a community now a days? So many people text, email, or use some technology to keep in touch, but we lose so much in our lives by doing this.Does Facebook have the same connection to seeing and talking to someone in person? I do not believe so. I am a strong believer in sending snail mail still so what do I know ;)
If we meet for coffee with a friend or a few and talk and support each other, isnt it better than just sending a text. Where is the community in a text? There is none. The book talks about places it knows as great good third places. I have to agree with the author that those are dying away. Lives are to busy these days. We do not meet as a community of people anymore and I find that sad. I think people need to stay off technology more and go meet up with friends. Go to an art show and be a community. Go to a party and be a community. Gather at a great third place and talking with,,well other people.

This is the book I am speaking of...
Celebrating the Third Place: Inspiring Stories About the "Great Good Places" at the Heart of Our Communities by Ray Oldenburg

It reminds me when people used to go to coffee hours,,hair salons,,barbers,,and other places and even though you only needed to be there for a few min for whatever, people stayed and talked. You always felt great coming out. With the world as fast as it is now a days I strongly suggest finding a third spot..go at the same time each week (like the book says) get the same spot,,YOUR new spot,.,meet the same people, talk to everyone. Do not text or email or bring your laptop,,,go and just be!!!
Since I'm on this book recommending...let me say
The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.... I am currently reading. Though I truly do believe in myself as in artist, I do not think anything is wrong with reading more on the subject matter. You do three pages of writing at the same time each day. Sort of like being a journalist, but writing your journey. It has opened a lot of people up to writing plays and books and helping them open other key elements they need to work as an Artist. I have a stack of books on my nightstand for spring break, so I will let you know what I crack next.

I think the Third Place one will be with my soul for a long time. I really like the idea of more third places in this world. More community... more porch time with neighbors, more block parties.. more restaurants , more coffee houses,, more taverns to be with community. I think I have an old soul. I know this is the world of technology, but if you need me ,,send me a snail mail. (ironic as im writing on a blog I know) Honestly make a third place for yourself somewhere,,share with me where yours is and if you are trying to invent one,,purhaps opening one somewhere,,please let me know. I am really interested in this. 

I hope Spring is heading your way soon and  if not I hope the new blog look lightens your spirits and brings you some hope of it soon to come...
For now,,Au revoir


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