Ive taking a writing class, Ive read a ton of writing books. The thing that keeps coming at me is why don't I just stop reading  and well hmm, ya know,,write!! I think fear of not knowing enough to do something keeps people from doing all sorts of things. I saw a fellow student out today at lunch and she said she didn't want to do a writing thing, because she does not think what she wrote is good enough.It amazes me that even though we know we are good at something, we are our worst critics. We put ourselves outside the box and think we do not belong in it. Well I am here to say,, GET IN THE BOX!! You are whats holding yourself back from being better at what you do. You are what is in the way. You write well, you paint well, you are as good a photographer as the rest....well that's a step,but realize you may even be better!!! What in us keeps us from doing things,,what in our mind, our spirit says to ourselves that ,no you cannot do that, why do you try, go read more ,learn more, do anything else except do what you are meant to do. I am not saying there is anything wrong with learning, but at this point of my life, I should KNOW I can do it. People tell me to give up way more than people say to go for it. What is wrong there? Why do we tell each other that we should not dream , that we are not good enough, why do we put each other down instead of lift each other up. I have been writing more and more and the more I do, the more I realize my writings are not half bad. Some are even good. (well not all, hello im no Stephen King) I think we need to bring each other up more..lift each other up from our own self deprivation. I am here to tell you GO FOR IT!! I believe in you. We need to believe in each other, show support, go to each others events. We can get farther as a community of artists than we can without each other. With that said, im putting my fingers where my mouth is,,hehe so to speak,,, if you write and want to maybe do a little interview with me, via email, of why you do what you do, what you dream of doing,,or a writing you wrote and want to share, a painting , something.I am open to helping you grow in this space. Please leave a comment with your email and I will contact you. Know you can do anything you work hard at ,learn about and create from.  Or if you have a show and want me to promote or spread the word. I am open to that.. know you are worth it and get out there and do it!!! I believe in you and you should too.


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