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I am currently reading the Artist way. While I do not agree with all of it, I do agree with a great deal. I have started writing my morning pages. *though do not rat me out,not every day* and recently I realized its not so much of a chore anymore. I write parts of poems. I write lists. I write! I do believe though that we are our own stumbling block. We all think we are not good enough. The book says most good plays will be put in a desk drawer or a great novel will be shredded. WE are the stumbling block. I am guilty of this myself. I fully admit.

When I started seriously pursing photography years ago, I did not want to show my photos to anyone. You are sharing a part of who you are with people. The part (like the book says) that you hide in the attic or basement or somewhere. You feel exposed when you share your art. It IS a scary thing to do, but I am here to tell you IT IS WORTH IT. I recently submitted a poem for publication and you know what,, IT GOT IN!!!@!@! Well how about that inner doubting self!! Take that and shut up!@!@!! My photos are years ahead of my writings, but I have a collection of winning ribbons for my photography. They are on my wall. I also have awards for helping my photography club, years ago, grown in leaps and bounds. I believe in myself. The writing group that I belong to, I always critique others work and for the second time I JUMPED in and submitted a poem for next time. I learned that people ,,experienced readers/writers, reading my poetry is a great help. I work-shopped this one poem that got excepted and you know what,, I am proud of it. I hope one day to put out a book, with one page with a photo of mine on the left, representing the poem and the poem on the right side.

I am also reading Writing Down to your Soul. It talks about writing to the voice. A deity or some higher power you believe in. Someone who will not judge you as harshly as you judge yourself. I love the thought. Write to not be judged. It says to not share your writings with people as this is your time. I am ok with that. I share my poetry. I believe in dreams. I believe we have them even if we do not know what they are. Now if you have a dream, if you do not do any action to achieve it, you still have only a dream. You need some motion behind it to move it forward. Make a contact. Workshop a piece of writing. Join a group of like minded people. SHARE your work. It is scary,but you know what? DO IT!!

I recently had to share my writing with a class and everyone LOVED it. I think I have turned a corner as I was not nervous and could see myself easily one day doing a book reading from MY OWN BOOK!
So with all that said,, my dream of putting out a book, just a dream right, well this is my year. I lost my job and I go to school full time. So this summer I am dedicating to me and my book. I will work on writing more till then to put into the book and by August 2014 I will put it up on Amazon and you are all the first to know!! I hold myself to it, but you hold me to it also and it will get done.

I believe in writing as this amazing outlet and photography also. I am by nature a very creative person. I love to explore, write ( even research papers) and love to take photos. I have to say one more thing. If you write... READ!! Yes read. The more you read the better your writing will be.I do not mean read writing books, they do help, but I mean novels, plays, fiction, non-fiction. READ!! Reading other authors styles, language, even down to how they set up the book to be printed is of great matter.

I hope if nothing else, you do what makes you happy and if you are a writer like me,, WRITE!! Stop holding your own self back. Do not be ashamed of what you write. Share ,, be nervous, baby steps,, but write and share and grow and move forward in your dream.



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