hard mommy days

Greetings everyone,
today is a hard mommy day. my kids therapist said something to her she shouldn't have,, she is doubting college (not due to therapist)  when all other semesters she is on the deans list, being a mom is one hard job. How do you handle all the crap thrown at you and your kid(s) daily? There is always a balance on what you should do and not do, what you should say and not say, always a balance of the good and bad. My heart though today goes out to my girl. She is having boyfriend troubles, school troubles, money troubles.. all the normal things, but when they all come at her at once, she shuts down. I just want to hug her and put her in a happy bubble. Do you know what I mean?

I needed a break and read some more of my French magazine. My cat went crazy,,again,,, and broke something I had 27 yrs. I still have not a job, nor any money past my tax refund. Life is tough,but I have faith it will work out, something I wish my kido had more of... Faith!! There is to much in life to deal with on your own. I know. Raising two kids 8 and 10 at the time of the divorce to an almost 20 yr old and 23 yr old was no picnic. You have good day and bad,, you have lasagne days and peanut butter and jelly days. You have days when you want to snuggle on the couch and kill them all the same time. With life so insane, we are bound to have bad mommy days.

I leave you with a few photos. Some French, some pink and soaring high. 
When you have these bad mommy days, you need to realize there is beauty all around. There is peace. Now you might not believe in God and all I can say is,, whatever you believe in talk to that deity and have Faith that everything will turn out as it should. After all in balance there are hard mommy days, but there are tons of I love you, snuggle, great mommy days too!!

Hope you are having a GOOD mommy day ( or daddy day)
Much love


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