Writing with youth

So I swore I wouldn't teach. Not for me. Well this is teaching,but not in the public school way. I am starting youth writing groups. I realized while I'm blessed to be able to go to college and encouraged to write, that not everyone has access to people to guide them. With our school systems squeezed to the brinks of bankruptcy, the arts go out the door first. I have two venues picked out. Already met with the one lady and we set a date later this year. She had already wanted to start a youth poetry slam or writer slam and asked me about doing it with her. I am super excited to be working with Nikki at the Barebulb Coffee to set all this up. A little after a month or so , after the workshop, we will hold the author night for ages 12-18. I am so excited. I am going to work with the kids on public speaking, reading your work, nerves and all that comes with it. I hope both events will be an annual if not bi-annual event.

With all that said, do you have any ideas for me? I am opening to adding things to my program. Have you attended a writing workshop before? Like things, hate things? Work with kids and want to give me advice like if they ball up pieces of small paper in their mouth to spit,, DUCK! hehehehe

This venue has had writing events before ,but none for the youth. I just feel like I need to help others,especially younger, folks learn to advance their writing. I think that's the age when you find your voice. Figure out who you are becoming and what you want to say,,on paper and off.

I hope the youth get as much fun out of this as I do. Hoping to get more reading, poets, writers to grow from this seed. I am glad you are along for this ride.

I had a writers meeting, my adult one, Saturday and I am going to be filling in for our wonderful leader while she takes a break. Its been 4 yrs of meetings,she deserves it. I hope to lead the adults into some great discussions about our writing, but maybe get one of them to come talk to the youth. Maybe even our leader if I can wrangle her to come. ( She volunteered to help, I love her for that)

It is also cherry blossom time, so I walked about and took a few pictures *of course* and what did I buy that day,, found my way to a used book shop and bought a novel in French. Hey what can it hurt as I learn,but to be able to try and read more french...right?  Especially over the summer when I do not have class again till the fall.

Ok leaving you with a few photos and you can email me suggestions for writing at my email of debbs31@hotmail.com  Just put the title Writing suggestions so I catch it. Thank you in advance.

PS Happy Spring!!

Look Even Spring is in Love!!


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