life and its own path

As I move on through life I try to make my own path. Its been hard since I lost my full time job of 13 yrs when the company went out of business. I had worked full time for as long as I could remember. I have come to realize any job I do I do with love and full steam ahead. I realized I do not need to kill myself in an office job I do not like nor really want. My soul new better. I have been able to live ,barely, on my school refund checks for over a full year. I have paid all the bills, I have kept my house. I have worked when the school had rush at the book store for money. And now another journey begins.

First let me say this has not been an easy journey. Money is always tight ,but im closing in on my degree. I fully admit I was starting to think God forgot about me. I keep praying and praying and job interview after job interview,,, and nothing. But God didn't forget about me at all, he knew I wanted to go to school full time since I was 20. He knew I needed this time to clear my head and make my degree my priority. God knew what I needed and I was just losing my faith in that.

Well God came through,, as money is twiddling down and all that goes with that.. I got a call today for a camp director job position. Its part time over June and July and then Aug, I go back to working rush at the book store for two weeks and classes started. This job is perfect and when the lady on the phone offered it to me , PRAISE JESUS came right out my mouth. She chuckled and said,, is that a yes?  YES,I said!! I worked with kids for so many years and swore I wouldn't do it again. God knew better. I belong with kids, I love working with kids and even though I shut my heart to it, God had to knock me down to the bones to get me to hear. Hear that I belong working with these kids. I think working with kids is such an honor. The parents trust you to teach their kids. As I will be working with them all summer I am also going to be able to help tutor them. I can teach them some french, I can take them on field trips. This is going to be an amazing summer for me and them and I thank you God for not giving up on me not hearing you and knocking me down to make me listen.

Sometimes it takes a step back from what we think of as normal, for us to realize it isn't really what we want or need. I thank God, the universe and anything else that pushed me to apply for this job. It is perfect for me and I believe the kids lives I will be touching.

I hope as memorial day approaches that everyone remembers all they should be thankful for :D
Have a great evening.
The simply things are what connect us and ground us to this earth, but keep your dreams in the clouds so God can hear them :D


  1. Great reminder for us all to wait upon the Lord! He does renew and strengthen us in the end. Good for you and for those kids, yay, win/win!

    1. thanks Claudia. he is always with us!! :)


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