the lotus and the lily ( and forgiveness)

So I finished my one book and am currently in the lotus and the lily by Janet Conner. I am in the forgiveness week. She refers to people you have to forgive as prisoners in a cell who need to be released. Let me say, once I got to that it hit me, I do have people in life I need to forgive, but the next day she said, "forgive yourself" and it hit me even harder. I really do need to forgive myself. For many crimes I committed against myself. I can bash myself like no one else.  In all honesty I deserve to be loved and deserve to have a happy rich life. Its hard to forgive others, but forgiving yourself is the worst. She talks about when you forgive that space where all the hatred was can have other emotions rushing in. The women is genius and if you haven't read the book I highly recommend it.

I also just finished another Alice Munro book. You become a better writer by,,(lets say it all together), by reading , reading, reading. Alice was recommended to me by a friend. I got three more books from the library and another one from online arrived today. With no summer classes I can read FOR FUN. Alice writes short stories. They are so detailed and engaging that I fell in love with her style. She knows how to touch your soul.

I have been applying for jobs that work with books and haven't heard anything yet. I know life is tough and jobs in Ga are few. I applied for so many now it isn't even funny at this point.I still have a little money saved and feel at peace with Gods going to take care of me. I cannot spend my days and nights worrying constantly. I refuse. I choose to read and write.

So now I'm writing to you. Are you currently working on any writing or reading assignments? Do you love certain authors?I hope this summer finds you free to enjoy your library. Your e-reader too.
Whatever you read opens up your mind. Go and find something fun to read and expand your horizons to new heights.

As always Ill leave you with a few recent photos. Hope everyone had a happy GREAT mother's day. These are from mine.


  1. Hey, we follow eachother on Flickr (I'm 3fold)! I just found your blog when I was looking through your photos :) Just wanted to say hi and that I'll keep my fingers crossed for you finding a job.

  2. Hey Gemma, I found something part-time for summer so if I budget well I will be ok :DThanks for leaving a comment and GREAT to hear from you again :D


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