~~~ take my hand~~~

So I have fallen in love. HARD. I am in love with Ed Sheeran's Music. I downloaded "one" by him and the opening line of the song, " tell me you turned down the man who asked for your hand cause you are waiting for me", seems to melt in my ears and heart. I cannot help but think that in my journal lately I find myself more open. Open to a love. Maybe a man, but maybe not. For the first time in a long time I have dealt with forgiveness with people who have not even asked for it. I want that space for other good things in me. I forgave myself for all past things also. Im clearing out space in my heart and soul for great things to fill.

With getting this Camp job, I have also realized as much as I say I do not want to work with kid, I am drawn to them. They love me, I love them. I have just closed that part of me off too. So with camp for two months with ages 5-12 and with my writing workshop taking off in the fall with ages 12-18, I am right back where I was so many years ago,, with the kids. I had shut that part of me off as well and with all this soul writing lately realized I miss the kids. I miss reading to them, playing games with them, teaching them.

I also realize I miss having a great love. I miss the romantic aspect to dating. To having those butterflies in your stomach. Now I might never have a boyfriend , but for the first time in a long time, I am open to all new possibilities. And with listening to Ed Sheeran's Music and the love in a lot of his songs I also realize I miss going to Macon and hearing bands play live. So I hope this summer to get back out into the world and see what im missing. Maybe with friends, maybe alone,but im getting back into my life and taking life by the horns. I can sit home and read about life or I can choose to join in.

I have camp over the whole summer, so perfect time to get out to bars again and listen to live music at night. So im off to go look and see what Macon has going on with music and bands again and hope to be back out into the world this summer. If I am not,push me will you :D

I hope you are open to life, to anything new, to new adventures and to willing to try it all again and again until you and I get it right.



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