Sunday Stories: Halloween series, Part 5

When I awoke I was in unfamiliar surroundings.  I was bound up by twigs. Was that even possible. I tried to move and they grew tighter around me. I knew that the human figure I was seeing was the demon by the black pools in his eyes. I second later I saw him coming toward me again.

Ahh you are awake my friend, it will be better to hear your screams of pain as I shred you and kill you now.

I couldn't think. Where was Emma? Wasn't she just with me in my apartment? How did I get in this,this, what is this? A cave?

Slash! Searing pain shot down my leg. The demon had hit me. My leg was bleeding and I was in so much pain. I screamed out. I screamed the loudest blood curling scream anyone had ever heard.The burning sensation and horrible pain was to much. He seemed to laugh. Again he slashed at me. The same spot so it hurt more. I wriggled in pain, trying hard not to scream, but it escaped my mouth and the demon laughed loudly. He was enjoying my pain so immensely.

I heard a noise and tried to look, but the twigs came up around my head and grabbed it tightly, so I could not move  nor barely breat. I know I heard something. The demon, fixed eyes upon me heard nothing. I heard it again, a whimper, a moan, what was that? This time it was loud enough that the demon heard it too and literally flew toward it. I heard Emma yell, NO NO! and a loud bang. I had no idea what was going on.

I heard Emma chanting again and saw flashes of light. I then saw the black cloud up over me and knew the demon had taken that form, so Emma could not fight him. She ran to me and tried to heal my gashing leg wounds. As she started the healing a great flash happened and the demon appeared again. This time he had others with him. They grabbed Emma. They put her in this glass case. She looked like a scared child in there. She could do know magic while contained.

The demon approached me again. Looked at my arrow mark and said, "ah she really loved you."

Loved? Past tense? , I thought what does all this mean. Then Slash again and the flesh that had the arrow on it was gone. He said, " well not anymore, your mark is now gone, she will mark someone else." Emma marked people to be killed. Now I knew. She lied, she used me and now I will pay for loving her. I will die at the hands of this creature.

The others had formed a circle around me. Enjoying my being brutally shredded to pieces like Emma's dead fiance. Over and over the demon attacked me. I was bleeding badly. I gave up hope of surviving and made peace with my dying. I would not scream out again. I would not let this thing have the satisfaction of hearing me scream in agony.

All of a sudden a loud shattering of glass and somehow Emma was  free. She knew all attention was now on her. The demon's companions all wanted their turn at attacking this witch. This witch who stopped so many others from being harmed, because of her love, her kindness, and her being a good witch. Well at least that is what I thought. I really did not know her.

I was still confined and bleeding. It was to much for her to help me. She  fought off as many demons as she could and a loud ringing was heard and she was gone. She left me here to die. I had no mark cause it had been torn from my flesh. She did that to me, she put it there. I was glad she was gone. Glad she showed who she really cared about, herself!

As I lay there sure to die, the other demons left. The head warlock, demon, monster whatever said he wanted to kill me alone. He set a spell into motion and the twigs let me go. He knew I was dying and no threat to him tied up or not. He knew I was bleeding and would soon be dead. He just wanted to play cat and mouse for awhile and have his fun with me.

Just then I heard a loud ringing again and Emma appeared again. I wondered if she could save me? If she had a chance or if she came back to help finish me off. I wondered if she really loved me or just used me. I knew I would get no answers.

The demon welcomed her back. He embraced her and she let him. What was going on? Was this some sick game they played with humans. I was getting woozy and felt like I was going to pass out. I had managed to claw and crawl my way into a corner. I don't know what I was thinking. Not like they couldn't follow the blood trail to find me.

They stopped talking and both looked at me. At that moment I knew I was a goner, but Emma winked at me and the demon didn't see. I couldn't figure this out and then I passed out.

Well well. things are definately off and running. Next Sunday story will be the conclusion of this story. Will our park ranger live or die? Is Emma really evil or good. And how does one go about destroying a demon? So many questions. Next week you will get the answers.

Till then it has been fun.
your storyteller,

Happy Hauting!!

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  1. Well crap on a cracker! I wanna know if Emma is good or evil now!! Lol


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