Sunday Stories: Halloween story Part 6, Le Fin

And now the final part of our witch story.

When I woke up I was back in my apartment. I was in one piece and not even a scratch on me. I wasn't sure what happened and thought maybe it was all a dream. I looked at my arm. The arrow was gone. All of Emma's belongings were gone. I heard a knock on the door. I hoped it was Emma. It was my neighbor. She said she hadn't seen me go out in a few days and wanted to make sure I was ok. I asked her if she had seen Emma. She responded with saying she knew no one by that name. I said the lady who moved in with me a little while ago. She said no one had moved in and wanted to know if I was ok. I said I was and closed the door.

She left and I sunk into the couch. I thought for sure I was hurt. I remember the screaming I did and the pain I felt, but my body had no mark on it. Not even that arrow. I decided in the morning to go out to Emma's house and ask her directly what was going on.

I headed to bed and tripped over a book. I didn't look at it and tossed it on the couch. I didn't wash up, but just fell into bed. I don't know what happened all day or week,but I knew my body was exhausted. I fell into a deep sleep.

Ten hours later I went to work and started my day going through my trails. I called to Emma, but no answer this time. I searched for the owl, but none were out. I tried singing, yelling, summoning by chanting anything I could think of and sadly nothing. No response.

I thought I was losing my mind. I headed back to headquarters and tripped over something on the way. I stumbled, but caught myself and drove back to my office. I had asked the other rangers if the murder was solved. They all looked at me with worried glances. What murder?, they all asked.
I said the young man who was mauled to death? They said there hadn't been a murder in the park in decades.

I decided to go take a walk even though I had just come in from one. I went to my favorite spot in the woods and just sat. Was I dreaming it all. It all felt so real. So horrifying. How was my subconscious thinking this all up? What was that item I tripped over? I hadn't paid attention.

I walked back to my car and called in saying I was ill and going home. My boss agreed I needed a day off and said to lay down and rest. I got back to my apartment and sunk onto my couch. The book I tossed the night before poked me in the back. I pulled it out and looked at it. It was a book on witches. I knew it wasn't mine. I opened the book and looked through it. Halfway through I saw a picture of a lady who looked like Emma.

The lady in the book winked at me just like Emma did and then the book vanished. What was going on? I was to tired to make sense of it and I fell asleep for what seemed like days. I decided I was going to get to the bottom of this. I walked to my fridge to get some water and on my freezer door was a magnet with an arrow. Underneath the arrow it said, "Follow the light and you shall not be lost."

I then and there decided to leave it all alone. I knew it was real and I escaped with my life. Why would I ever want to risk my life again? Especially for a witch which I still wasn't sure if she was good or evil. I went to my room to lay down. There on my nightstand was a rock, probably the one I tripped over in the woods. It wasn't there in the morning. Etched into it was an Arrow. The same one I remember being marked with. Emma was watching over me, but why? To kill me another time or protect me? I drifted off to sleep and left it alone. I would never know and I would always believe she was good, but I just didn't know. I was simply happy to have made it out of this chapter of my life alive.

There ends our haunting tale. Next week maybe a new story or just a Sunday story of the week or day. I hope you all have enjoyed the tale and have a very happy haunting Halloween.

Your Good Witch in storytelling,


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