Sunday Stories: Halloween Story Part 3

Next part of our spooky Halloween story.

I was flustered from all that had happened. I was marked. Marked for death? Protection?  I could not tell what this supposed witch was saying or doing to me. I checked in at headquarters and went out for my daily trail walk. I figured I was safe as the police had checked the whole area and found nothing and also that Emma  kept saying that there was nothing in the woods that did not belong.

I loaded my gun, which I normally do not take on my hikes, and headed out. I decided not to tell my co-workers about the supposed witch, after-all who would believe me? The first trail went along the river side of the park. It was a short quarter mile of a trail and I had done it a million times. I walked slowly to clear my head. I heard an owl hoot. I looked up and there was a snow white barn owl. How odd. I thought about the owl for a min, wait aren't owls out at night? I walked on. I finished my first trail and headed out to the second. Each trail is marked by a small square colors on the trees, so that people coming into the park could follow them easily. I started my second trail which was three miles into the woods, around a lily pond, and back around to the road. About half way down the trail, I noticed the square colors on the trees, they were arrows now. Same shape as the one on my arm. Hmm odd, but maybe they decided to change them at headquarters and did not tell me. I didn't think to much of it.

Halfway through this second trail I heard a distant noise. I thought I heard chanting and drums. I decided to steer off the path and follow the noise. The arrows on the path trees were now leading me somewhere. I followed them deep into the woods and in a cleared out circle, there she was, dancing and chanting. All I needed was to see a cauldron and I would have fainted. I stayed some distance away and watched. There seem to be nothing dangerous going on, but I decided to stay put. I stepped on a branch and it snapped and the noise traveled.  She turned to look but could not see me, somehow though I knew she knew it was me. She continued on with her chanting and all of a sudden she stopped. A black cloud appeared over the circle and fell to the ground with a loud thud. She turned to look in the direction I was in, as if she was warning me to be quiet. When the cloud cleared there stood the most horrific looking being I had ever seen. I think it was a man. It looked like it was an animal, a man, a vampire all in one and it seemed to keep shape shifting. It asked her which form frightened her less, she said a human, he said as you wish and turned himself into a human. He seemed to be doing something to her. She was off the ground in an instant and wriggling around as if she was in pain.Kicking through the air as he was telling her something. I wanted to help, but feared for my own life. I could hear him threatening her. Do I dare move? He put her down and began to speak to her.

"Did you find me another human sacrifice my dear or do I need to harm someone you care about again?"

She fell to the ground and hit it hard. Her arm was bleeding from being smashed into a large rock.

" I am working on someone right now" she said.

"You have three more days and then, I take you and torture you as my bride"

She looked so tiny all of a sudden and I wanted to save her, but another loud noise in the sky, another black cloud and he was gone. I ran to her side to check on her and her arm. There was no blood. I had seen it bleed. There was no cut, she was not hurt at all. She was trembling though in fear. I said, "I thought you said there was nothing in the woods that did not belong in the woods". She said at the time, she thought she had gotten rid of him. She thought she was so well hidden in the woods, that he wouldn't locate her. I said well how did he find you than, she said that with using her magic to make the arrow mark of protection on me that he must have found her that way. She explained that every time she does magic it sends a spot light on her throughout the universe.

I tried to get her to leave the woods. She refused. It was then that I noticed a small dwelling back a bit from the circle. She lived out here. I asked her if she killed the man she called her fiance. She said she did not, nor did she plan on turning him over to that thing. She pleaded that he must have followed her one day and seen him with her in town. She ran off into her house crying. I didn't know what to do. Was she telling me the truth or would I be the next man dead? Next thing I know, the owl who hooted earlier flew into her house before she could shut the door.

I suddenly did not feel like checking the rest of the trails. I was exhausted mentally and physically. I went back to my desk and sat. I at pouring over the report of the ripping apart of her now ex fiance. I did not know what to believe, but I knew I had to go back out and talk to her some more. First though some coffee and try and gather my thoughts. I needed a plan. I needed answers. 300 years old? Is it even possible she is that old?  

There ends the next part of our story. I really hope you are enjoying it. As we get closer to the holiday the drama of the story will steam up. I hope you follow along and share with others.
Happy Haunting
Your story teller,

                                                       The witches house in the woods.


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