a whisper

sometimes there are songs that whisper to you. Do you remember this time in your life?

sometimes there are stories that whisper to you. Do you remember this moral?

And sometimes, if you are truly lucky and blessed, there is love. A love that fills you with joy. It feels your soul with happiness. It transcends whispers and unites hearts.

Well today I was thinking about that kind of love and this poem came to mind. Sometimes life whispers to me and pushes me out of my comfort zone. I have learned not to fight it. Sometimes life aims higher than I used to think I deserved and I wanted to run away. And sometimes I realize I am human. I deserve everything I dream of. There is a whisper in my own heart saying, I love you, be gentle with your soul and go bravely.

Today and this poem, I honor my whisper. I am calm. I hear you.

There are times in my life where I seem to struggle to swim upstream. Today has been one of those days. It was a good day, but I realized how hard I need to swim to move. I do not feel stuck. I just feel like I do not have the strength in me to do it, but my inner voice whispered and I am listening. To all the soul sisters (and brothers) out there reading this. Know you are worth it. I am whispering to you. You can do it. Dig down deep, find that strength and press on.

I really hope you all enjoy this poem, It is titled: Whisper
Thanks for reading it.
Your poet and storyteller,

Whisper Poem

In a whisper in the night,
I hear your name.
Rain drops call me to you,
But life, it keeps me away.

The coldness seals my soul,
Closed for all eternity.
Will your embrace melt my stone heart?
will you be able to get through?

His fingers lock into mine,
holding my heart.
Winking at me with love and
encompassing my eyes while holding my gaze.

His arms open mine,
he holds me still.
I melt into him,
our hold around each other is tight,
not letting a breath of air between us.

Walking round the lake our minds open up,
Sharing all that’s buried so deep within our souls.
Connecting on a deeper level of self,
holding each other in trust.

Love leads us in our relationship,
love brings us together.
One last time we try,
leaving all the past behind,
hollowing out all the trash from our history.

Your eyes worked their magic on me, my hearts yours.
You have a power to open my passion and accept me, for who I am,
Your body loves mine down to the very inner being,
now open and fully developed in Love.
In love with you,
Always, forever, our hearts intertwined forevermore.


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