Snapshots of life

I realize more and more that as I am a writer, I am also an artist. I see myself capturing life in a way that others don't see. I notice all the small parts that make up the whole. I look at my life sometimes and wonder where it will go, but I do not know. I do know the past. I have a strong belief that who we are does change as we grow. I do not mean grow up, I mean change and move forward in our lives. We surround ourselves with like minded people, or people who have an open mind to accept us for who we are.

Though I may not fit into a spot, I am my own spot. It took a long time for me to be ok with who I am. Being put down by numerous people for numerous years has that affect on you. I am proud of who I have become. I am a strong woman, I am a writer, I am involved with things and people in my life that I am proud of. I may not fit into a cookie cutter mold, but you know what? Who wants to?

I think of myself as a free form. I free write. I move as I feel the need. I don't struggle with my life. I accept it. I do not fit in where I came from, but I will not fit in with where I am going. I did not have a mold when I was born. I was my own mold and I broke it myself. I live to be happy. I love with my whole heart. I give of myself and explore aspects of the world that others wouldn't dare try.

I have some amazing friends in my life and it took me years to find them,but they accept me for myself. I accept them, I accept me. Why do we all try so hard to 'fit' into a society we do not even like? I take photos all the time of my life and when I put them together to look at them I realize how truly blessed I am. I am not rich, I am content. I fit in no where and I am happy.

Life is tiny snapshots of what is going on daily in our lives. Snapshots capture a moment of our life of an emotion and share it with us in the future. We see ourselves falling short. We haven't achieved everything we think we should have. Well dreams are great, having aspirations are good, but do not forget that all you can do is deal with right now. Love the person you are. Love others for who they are. Keep your heart open and live a life you, yes YOU want. Take snapshots for a week of your daily life. See what your world is really like. Share these moments with your friends and be proud of the life you have made for yourself. Small, large, tiny life? No you have a life, an amazing gift my friends. Do not cut yourself down. We have the world for that. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, take some snapshots and see how amazing you are, your world is and your friends are.

Enjoy today,


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