Breathing in, breathing out:In this moment

As I was visiting a sweet friend of mine tonight I gazed up and noticed the stars.(yeah I'm always doing that )  They shine where I live of course, but so many city lights. Where he lives is country and I marvel as they shine. So bright in the winter. Noticing the stars, spending time with a special friend, and even though he is sicky I realized how perfect those stars are and how much I treasure his friendship. We get to stop, look up, and wonder all the time together.

Winter nights are something special I think. I feel the earth's shift. I sense wonder and amazement at these heavenly gifts we see more clearly in the winter months. I noticed the moon tonight dancing with the stars. That saying that you should reach for the moon and if you miss you will land upon the stars, well that's not such a bad thing I would think.

This friend of mine I have known off and on for years. We are often outside and I am always looking upwards. I think each star seems to be sparkling down on us. They seem so still and bright. So preciously perched that we could reach up and grab one. Do you notice the sky? I know some people do not even bother looking up, but I love spending time with this friend. He is a sweetie and being outside watching the dazzling show just takes my breath away.

I still struggle with the in the moment living, but having those stars stop me dead in my tracks sure helps. I see them dazzling the sky. Dancing with the moon. Playing with us as they twinkle, making us sometimes squint to see them. These little magic moments. These pure spectacular precious pieces of joy. Yes I am calling the stars from now on, "pieces of joy". What else could you call them?

I love being in the moment with my friend. He calms me and gets me to breath in and relax where I can then enjoy their dance. I hope this winter finds you warm and happy. I hope you are remembering to live in the moment with your friends. I hope you see those pieces of joy. May your heart be filled with love and kindness and may you always look up in amazement and never be left without a heart filled with joy and wonder!

Your Storyteller,


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