certain people

There are certain people in my life who actually inspire me to write. People who encourage me to write. People who are proud of me for writing. Collectively they make up my subconscious when I write. They are influential in my writing style. Some might mean to be, some might not. With all of that said here are two more poems (Yes Spencer I wrote them myself). I hope everyone likes this.

Swallow you Whole

I open my eyes and see you though you are not on your pillow,
I open my heart and see you have been there for me since the very first time I met you. 
I open myself up to you, to all the good, but the bad stuff too,
I see your yearning, your unsettled truths, your ghosts.

I see you warmth when you kiss my hand,
I see how amazing we can be.
but first I see one step and then another,
it is a way of getting to our beginning.

I see a history, a past,
our hearts moving forward for decades.
Why did I say no? Why was I so afraid of a man,
a man who loved me with his whole heart.

Now. I watch you. I swallow up everything we do,
I cherish you, your lips, your arms, your love.
You comfort me with your eyes,
you hold my heart in your hand.

Your soul now mixed with mine once more.

I listen to your heart, I fill up all I see and hear,
I swallow our time together,
I miss your thoughts when you are not around
and when we don't talk. 

I swallow your love and I am here in this nook to stay!

Our second poem today it titled: My Voice
(Yes Spencer I wrote this too ;)  )

My Voice

My voice is the whisper I leave behind when I am gone,
My words are the truths I know and the pains I carry.
My words are the lessons learned,
they are the best version of myself.

My spoken word is a remnant of me after I have left you,
These words will fill your soul with my peace.
They will leave kindness and joy behind,
after I am gone.

The wind carries my words across the skies,
they fall on ears that need them.
They float as if to say to someone,
I am here for you!

My words, they summon up courage and grace from deep inside,
they bring back hope in the fear and let light into the darkness.

My words are just words,
but they can cut someone without me using a blade.
They have power of good and evil in one sentence,
it depends on what I say.

My words are bold and loud,
my words are soft and soothing.
My words are a gentle push
or a shove into a right direction.

My words are just words,
but put together with a person hearing them,
My words,
they have great meaning.

I hope you enjoyed the poems.I hope they fill you in a way that you need and I hope to have more written for you soon. Happy almost Spring!!
Your story teller/ poet


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