Lately with coming to the almost end of my looooong college career, I have realized this strength in me. I realize that I have had a hard life.I wont tell you a sad story. I will tell you a story of happiness. I am truly a happy person. Something has changed in me in the last five years. I smile more, I dance more, I go out to see art more and being with friends. I realized I can live a life of great joy.

Recently I have made new friends, I reconnected with a special one, I have gone out hiking more, taking the camera and having small adventures. I actually agreed to a writers conference and presenting a paper. Me! The lady who will not speak in public. Well I am doing two panels and presenting on two amazing authors. Life has opened up. Love has opened my heart. I am enough. I do not need to change to be with anyone friends or otherwise. I will one day be a published author, I will be a well paid photographer and I will have a small life.Well a good life. I dream for the stars as we all should.

Why must woman break each other down to feel better? Why must they tear each other apart to be enough? I have male best friends since I can remember. Woman have a way of making comments like,,oh thats nice if thats the best you can do. THAT IS NOT BUILDING EACH OTHER UP. I am happy with who I am, how I look, what I have achieved, the life I have lived. I think you are a beautiful woman. You are strong. You have a strength you need to dig out and build each other up. Come on ladies I know you can do it. I know you are amazing. I know you trudge through everyday chaos and kids and work and juggle and balance and do it with grace, or heck maybe you do not. Maybe you work and do your best, maybe you write, maybe you do _____________ (fill in the blank) Your worth does not come from what you do ladies. It comes from your heart. Shine your heart on others and build build build each other up!! I know you can do it!!!

We all preach random acts of kindness and I am not putting that down, but why can't we also build each other up. Lets try,, wow you are looking stunning today, beautiful always , but today you nailed it. Or how about,, you truly amaze me! Look ladies in this world, do we not have enough dragging us down, beating us up and smacking our confidence down? So let us make a pact and say right now and right here that we will build each beautiful soul up!!!

Well they say if you want to see a change in the world it starts with you making a ripple. This is my ripple ladies. Ripple on and out to each other. Do something nice for a female friend. Be kind. Build each other up and above all, spread kindness to each other. I know you are enough. I know you are amazing. Trust me, my life, it isnt perfect,but I know I do my best everyday and I know I am enough!!

Now get out there ladies and pass this blog on and share with me and others what you plan to do or have done to build each other up. Ripples ladies,make WAVES!! Now GO!!


  1. I'm sure you remember the book titled something like ?Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars? One premise is that men love to solve problems and give advice. Well when I retired, I spent time with women and learned, they are the pesty ones with advice. I thought it was just a quirk with teachers.
    Anyway, I'm glad you are in a good place. Being satisfied is important. Have fun with your paper.

    1. thank you Ann. with working with women over the years I just never knew why they had to hurt each other to feel better. it's sad.


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