Closing my body to you....

So today a new old poem. New to the blog, old as in the time frame written. I am a very intense person. I realize I am a lot for many people to handle. I write to deal with emotions. I write to calm my soul. I write to express what I cannot tell another person. I hope you enjoy the poem. It was written like Anya Silver's poem "To my body".

Title: Closing my body to you
(Poem To my body by Anya Silver)

I yearn for you to pull me slowly,
my grief  slowingour minds thoughts
reaching over many miles,
Intertwined our thoughts combine,
My insides exposed, my bleeding soul dries up,
heart, liver, hands,
Ripped from my insides, exalted inside,
exhausted on the  outside.
The dead will delivered my feelings to your door.

Easily I slip through your mind,
leaving residue inside your thoughts.

Right now pulsed back together, stitch by stitch
Lying with my insides visible,
yearning for someone to share my life.

I catch my breath and realize time is gone.
I just wanted you to
stay with me till the end.



  1. What I like about Anya Silver's poetry is the lyrical storytelling of specific moments that many would not think were a rite of passage. I have not read her poem "To My Body".
    Your poem was very moving. That connection with another person especially a lover is so rare but grand when we experience it.


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