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so I have been repeatedly told to take myself out on artists dates. These dates fill me with inspiration in my writing and photography. The first time I was told this I thought pfft no way do I need to go out, inspiration comes from within, well sometimes it does,but seeing new places, items,taking new photos, getting outside and hiking fills my soul with happiness. Yesterday I finally got off my couch. I am a full time college student and never have time, but this week I decided to do nothing. Oh my how good the nothing felt. No papers, no readings, no deadlines, nothing. So I took myself to the lake and then hiking in the woods. Both of these spaces fill me with such happiness and light that it makes me feel lighter inside. Though I have issues with this that or the other thing I rarely sulk. I move on, I seek happiness and yesterday with my toes in the sand picking up shells and then later hiking in the woods I found my happiness down in my soul again. It was a great day spent out. I got some sun. I drank tons of water because in Ga by 9AM it is hot. Both the lake and woods had such a nice breeze
yesterday. It was a slice of heaven. So wanted to share some of my day with you in photos. Enjoy!

Your story teller/poet

Butterfly Garden

Butteryfly Garden



  1. Looks like a good day, sending energy for many more. Take care.

    1. Thank you Ann,,hope all is well with you :D

  2. Looks like your time off was time well spent. Gorgeous photos which will inspire you for many months. But more importantly you'll be well inside, filled with the beauty you've encountered.
    See my words at:

    1. Thank you Marian :D hope all is well with you.

  3. You have a beautiful Blog, would love to have you come every 2 weeks to my Fabulous Friday party, its an honor to have you.

    1. aww Thank you Maria,, just linked up again and looked at a few other blogs. I also added your blog to mine as one I follow. Thank you for your kind words.


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