Every month the moon starts fresh. We all love full moons, but how about the first slither. It is out tonight. It is breathtaking. We notice and are drawn to the light of the full moon, but this little first slither. Waiting for you to notice it shyly winks at you as if to say, well hello there gorgeous. It puts a little twinkle in your night, a little magic in your step, and all you have to do is notice it.

The slither hangs there, swaying in the galaxy. Barely visible, but oh so lovely. So many miss its tiny smile on their lives. So many people miss this tiny precious gift. This slither sees us. It guides us quietly through the night. If only we would say hello.

Slither high up in the sky, wondering what you are doing down here on earth. Waiting for you to smile at him, waiting for you to admire his soft side. He sits on there waiting for you to dream for the stars and fall upon his slither of moon. This light so soft as a warm and welcoming hug we need at the end of the day. This moon setting down on us to soften our world. Our view changes a little bit with this slither. We start to see new light on our lives, our situation, and on every aspect of our being.

Oh little slither, I see you. High up there watching over me. Guiding me to the light. To find my path on this planet which I am on for only  a so short time. Stop tonight, look up, admire his shy light that he has shared with you. May you always slow down to notice the slither. May you always slow down to notice the small things in life. May you always be blessed with a slither of light surrounding you.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Be Safe and take a look up and thank the moon for his light that snuggles in around you and guides you safely home.

your poet/storyteller



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