Why we are here...community.

As humans we yearn to connect. We yearn to be part of a community. I definitely believe we are placed together to connect, but I feel we have a huge disconnect going on. While out today I noticed people at the same tables, but not talking. Everyone was on a cell phone, a laptop, or another device. How are we supposed to connect with one another if we are no longer speaking with one another. We no longer call someone to wish they a happy birthday. We text. We no longer write beautiful hand written love letter or poetry, we type it. Where has our love of connecting with people gone? We have such power in connection.

I firmly believe we need to disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other. We need human contact. We need to write and relearn how to spell. LOL and OMG are not words. I promise you as an English major I can confidently tell you that. We need to use our voices to protest. We need to use our voices to say, "I love you". We have lost connection with our emotions. We make smiley faces instead now.

We are here together to be here for one another. We are here to grow, to learn, and to experience different things with each other. We are here to help, to spread kindness, and to be supportive of everyone regardless of differences. We are not here to burn churches. We are not here to kill, complain, or knock races down. We are all human and I am sorry but Christians are Christian regardless of skin color. ( And for those who are not Christian, they are our fellow human beings so be kind)

Why do we need to tear each other down to feel better about ourselves? Why do we need to ignore each other and place in our ear buds? Why are we all connected to technology now and not to each other. I love meeting new people. I am a social bug, but more and more people just ignore others. In a world where we are all so busy, can we not find time to say a simple hello? Can we not ask how the kids are doing of our friends? Why can we not turn off our cells? I promise you the world will not end.

Life is coming at us and whirling past us so fast. We are here to connect and we are missing it all. We need to unplug, YES I KNOW YOU CAN, and we need to talk. Sit with a friend. Talk to a neighbor. Smile at a stranger. Spread kindness. If you have nothing nice to say, smile, nod, and walk away. We are become self centered and I feel it needs to stop. We need to do more community activities. We need to talk to friends for hours and warm both our hearts.

Spread random acts of kindness in person. Disconnect from your phone and go sit with a neighbor on their porch and talk. We are becoming a world where I no longer want to be. I know we can do it if we try so please disconnect, go outside, go for a walk, smile at people, talk and learn something new. Let people know you care about them and by all means do not check your phone, turn on your laptop, or another thing. Enjoy the community of people we were put on this earth to enjoy. You do not need to like everyone, but you can be pleasant, you can speak with everyone, and you ,yes YOU can make this world a better place. Who knows, you might even learn something new!!! EEEK!!

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  1. I love my electronics but I agree less is more sometimes. I love to walk with my ipod. I like to walk without it. Now texting, it makes me think of poetry in its brevity. However - No texting and driving. I understand the temptation though.


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