Life's Design Vs. Our Design

so im &$()&%^$ years old ;) and have learned a few things in life. First off and most importantly,,spread love.

1)Love wide open,,heart open to anything including the hurt. It will happen and you might as well go all the way home when it comes to love or pack up and go home. Yes we are going to have our heart broken,,it happens,,crap does in life, but if you aren't all in with someone you love than you didn't give it your all and you really need to. If you do not and it does not work you will always wonder.

B) (yeah I do 1 than B hehe) Spread kindness. Yes you know you can do it. No you do not have to like everyone, but there is no reason to be mean. You do not know what that person has had to deal with in life, so smile. If they ignore you, what did you lose, nothing? right!! So smile, offer to buy someone a coffee, give a hug (im a huge hugger) What would happen if we made our design to be kinder,, oh no kindness would spread...lets try it I say.

3)  Life , or what we THINK we should live like is probable way different then the way we want to live. We follow what we think our family wants, we follow what we think society would want and we end up in jobs that make us unhappy, but we have the newest car, the newest whatever. Come on now, if we are honest material things will not make us happy, so why not follow our bliss. What would happen? We would be happy!! NO!! we do not want that right ;)

D) Think about you..put you first. What do you want out of life? You are not selfish for putting yourself first. Trust me I did the quilt for years. I put everyone first. Why do we put everyone else before ourselves? Why do we go where life pushes us and not where we push ourselves? It is ok to say no. It is fine to say I need to take care of me.

5) Meditate. Trust me when I say this one. Yes a lot of people think its weird to do, but honestly most people do it alone at home and you do not have to tell people. This will help clear your mind from life's destiny for you to hearing your own destiny. You might be surprised when you sit still and listen. First just sit in the quiet, just close your eyes and listen to your breath. There are apps for meditation, there are books, but just sit in the quiet,,quiet your voice and just listen. That is all you need.

F) Write!! first thing everyday write for 10 min. Its when your mind is clear and you can ramble, you can discuss with yourself Life's design vs your own. You can work out what you want in life if at least just for one day. Writing clears out all the thoughts we do not need in there to function for a day. Everyday get up a little earlier and write, clear our what you want out of life, not what life is giving you.

Ok well let me through one more thing at you. There is music that touches your soul and this guy does it to my soul and I wanted to share.
His name is Nahko Bear and is amazing. His music touches my soul and I just love him so much. The beat of his music is so soothing to me. I hope you like him too. Maybe we can all go dance in the woods with him one day when he performs.

You have a voice in you telling you what you want out of life. And then there is Life's pull on you to do something else. These are a few ideas,tips,whatever, to aid you in being grounded in life and listening to your own voice with what you want out of life. What do you want to accomplish? What would you like to do,,follow life or your own bliss? Good luck,stay grounded, gather love,friends, and not material things. Be happy and follow your bliss. You might need to be quiet and meditate or write to hear it, but it is there if you just listen.

your storyteller/poet


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