Autumn I am rooting for you!!

So it is not secret that I love fall. The colors,the smells, the food, so I realize its still summer, but I am over it. Here are some of my favorite photos from my trip to NJ in 2013. I hope it gets you in the autumn mood too.

New Jersey is truly a magical place in the fall. I hope you like the photos and remember please dont steal them. My mom has since moved away from this area, but I look forward to exploring her new area soon. Happy hoping its fall tomorrow to you.

your story teller/poet


  1. Lovely photos.

    The Dog Days of Summer, even the tomatoes stop bearing, do make you appreciate cool weather. Maybe a mild hurricane will cool us all down and make a u-turn out into the Atlantic.

    1. I'll be happy with any days in the 80's :)


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