Twinge of Change

On the way home today I noticed the tiniest bit of change. I noticed the air was different. Leaves were falling,blowing over the roads, and it was a tiny tiny bit cooler. In Georgia fall does not appear her head till the end of October or even November, but today there was a twinge of change.

If you pay attention every day to the items around you, the temps around you, the world around you, you will notice changes. Today I thought, Autumn is coming. The world is spinning and change is approaching. I love fall. I go hiking in fall. I live for fall as it is the happiest time of the year for me.

Today I noticed another change. This one is in me. I feel stronger. I finished my two summer classes today and rocked them both with A's. I realized that I had not noticed the changes happening in me over the last few years of college.  I am a senior this year and I now write so incredible well thanks to some amazing professors who pushed me and pushed. I am not the best student by far, but I noticed this change of correcting my own works, of knowing how to incorporate research, of citing sources, and writing a well rounded paper. How did I miss all these changes? I did not even notice it till today. A tiny change in me turned into a large one.

We all change, the seasons change, our kids change, our pets pass and we get new ones. The tiniest changes occur daily and we miss them. Today I caught them all. They gathered in my chest like a weight waiting to be lifted once I saw them. They stopped me from moving and forced me to glance in their direction. I love that I was able to see the tiniest change in seasons. School starts next Monday here in Ga, another change, Fall classes start in a few weeks for me, my senior year and another change.

With fall being fall off in Georgia, I am thankful for noticing the leaves today, the wind today, the smell of change. The tiny twinge of change happened and I was aware. I smelled autumn. I could see the changes. I could see them outwards and inwards. I am thankful for the changes. Not all things changing is for the better, but both of these changes are.

Next May I graduate. I will be looking for a real job and am open to moving or staying put. I am open to new adventures. To change. To life moving and growing and twinging forward and taking me along for the ride. For this ride called life I am so thankful. And to you readers, I am thankful for you coming along on my journey and seeing the changes unfold before you.

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  1. what a beautiful boat filled with flowers! Thanks for sharing this on Dream Create and Inspire, could you be so kind to add a link back, great appreciate it.

  2. Beautiful post! You're my featured blogger this week on the Wake Up Wednesday Link Party! Thanks for sharing.


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