10 Things I love about him loving me

So laying in bed last night I was thinking about things men have done in my past. These things showed me they loved me and I loved them for doing them. Each person has a different way of showing they love someone. A different manner of how to treat a person they treasure. So I lay in bed thinking, what are the top 10 things that I have loved over the years.

#1 When I get hugged and the person does not let go for a really long time.
You know those hugs you feel will never end. Like this person genuinely loves you and does not want to let you or your heart get away from them. Taking time to hug and linger in that hug means a lot to me.

#2 When they come up from behind me and wrap their arm(s) around me and surprise me with a hug or holding me.
Who does not love being surprised snuggled? Am I right? The fact that this person knows I am his and he can do this melts my heart into a puddle.

#3 Writing a love letter.
Romance in email,,umm no. Remember when we used to get paper letters ladies? Some man actually took the time to get a pen, write his feelings on paper. He did not prattle of an email, he used his pen and hand to connect with us through words, which were beautifully written for our hearts to read. And read them we did,over and over and over.

#4 Listen
With the world so full of people in such a hurry now, this one is huge. Take time to slow down with someone, turn off your phone, ipad, watches, all those things, and just listen and be there for someone. A guy who just wants to talk for a bit, yes! Communication is key. If you do not do it then intimacy is gone and you drift apart. Listening is key to having a great relationship with your guy ( or gal)

#5 Details or small things.
Us ladies do not need grand gestures. We like the small things. An evening stroll. Snuggling on the couch. Holding our hand. Cutting vegetables for dinner together. We like you notice we got a new hair cut. We like you noticing our smell. We love you for mentioning we look pretty today when you know we feel ugly. It is not about what you can buy us, hello we can go buy it ourselves, but it is the small daily things you can do that make our hearts jump for joy.

#6 Letting us cry.
Yeah we blubber, so do men they just wont admit it, but we are not all pretty criers. We sob, we make us mess, but letting us cry while you hold us is showing us how much you love us. Letting us be a mess and still telling us we look pretty. Do not tell us you will fix the world, you cannot, but just be there to catch our tears on your shoulders and let us let it out. I know I for one had cried over stupid stuff, so do not judge what we are crying about either. Just accept the fact we are female and sometimes we cry because the wind changed direction.

#7 Love notes.
I know I already said love letters, but by notes I mean leave us a message at home or in our lunch box or sneak it into our purse and say. "I love you" or your make my heart happy. Or something silly like you are the sauce of my fries. hehehe We do not care, or send a "I am thinking of you text" or a miss you. Reach out to us in unique ways. Leave little cards around the house,,or if we are packing for a trip for work, slip some notes into our suitcase to make our day better. We woman love knowing we are loved.

#8 Make us something we love
For instance if we love brownies and you know we had a bad day, by all means cook up a batch. Even if they do not turn out well we will appreciate the effort and probably eat them anyways and end up with a tummy ache, but try. Make us chocolate milk, or pudding, or iced coffee, or something else ordinary, but coming from the man we love means a lot to us.

#9 Sometimes just say YES.
We know you do not want to go learn cooking with us, spa trips, or other things all the time, (or maybe never) but sometimes we just need to know you love us enough to say yes. We go to football games with you, bars, your friends houses, we go to all sorts of things we do not like, but we love you, so we happily go , yell at the TV and tell your team to move their butts. Sometimes we just need you to say yes back.

#10 Silence
Sometimes we just need alone time. We do not love you any less, but a man who understands we need sometime alone is priceless. We do not want anyone else but you, but we need to be in a quiet space sometimes. Hiking alone, sitting at the beach alone. We love spending time and talking to you and reading those love letters, but we need you to understand that sometimes we just need peace in the silence. Those men who give it are God's. They do not worry we hate them, they do not worry we are leaving them. They know that silencing the mind and body is key to restorative energy filling us up.

Well we made it to #10. This is just my list. These are things men have given me who loved me and I loved them for doing it. I love a man who can be OK with or without me, talks to me but understands silence. Life is filled with so many great people to love and I am thankful for these men who have loved me, do love me, or will love me.

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PS This blog has hit over 10,000 views. For those of you who have been along for the journey, just joined the journey, or will join it, I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you are here with me.


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