Loving a Wild Woman

There are women, like me, who people consider a wild woman. Not swing by the lights, go get wasted drunk, throw eggs at mailboxes wild. I mean the kind of wild where we cannot be tamed.We have wild hair, we dress how we want, we say whats on our minds and in our hearts. We cannot be tamed, controlled or  tricked into anything we want. We have hair blowing all over. We have words flying past our lips that come from our deep souls. We are wild woman in the sense that others just hold back and we do not.

Wild woman are full of compassion. We give from our deep soul. We do not just give a little, we give everything and anyone our all. If we just met you, if we have known you a lifetime, it does not matter. We abandon all the rules and throw love into the universe and watch it mix and mingle with the world and hope it spreads out into the cosmos. We feel so deeply our emotions that we are seen as intense and crazy sometimes, but those emotions have to go somewhere. We send them to you, them a friend, to a stranger.

Wild woman have no rules on their hair. It may be straight, it may be curly, it may be whatever else, but we let it go wild. We do not tame it. We do not tame ourselves. We wear dreads, we wear braids, we let it fly in the breeze with the whisper of our wildness smoldering behind it. We live a way that allows us to not fuss or fret, but to enjoy the way God intended us to be. We leave our hair wild and free and let it be.

Wild woman dress with no rules. We do not mix and match,,we grab floor length skirts and tank tops, we grab flip flops with sweaters, we wear boots because we feel like it. We wear shirts with bell sleeves, we wear no shoes or socks, we love the feel of the earth below, we lay in the grass and watch the stars dance at night. We yearn to dance under the moon and stars with you. We live to be free and flow with the tides of the ocean and respect all of nature as that is our true home.

Wild woman seek comfort in nature. We love dancing in fields, but we love hiking on trails, we love being at home , but our hearts yearn to wander. We love the open roads and feel a connection with them. We see ourselves as free spirits who do not belong to one space, but to all places and feel connected to them. We see ourselves taking to the open road and following the back roads to places unknown. We grab at new experiences and we yearn to experience all life has to show us. Do not hold us back, but do not let us fly. Come with us and seek comfort in nature.

Being a wild woman is a gift. We can see the world without rosey glasses, but still see it as a big adventure. We grab at so much more than regular woman. We seek our experiences instead of waiting for them to show themselves. Wild woman do not gather in groups, we are lone soul wanderers but if we meet we embrace another wild woman. We are a tribe of collective souls who wander alone. We have such a gift of love and acceptance that it forces people to see us as wild. We see ourselves as loving, compassionate, wandering gypsy souls who feel so deeply and experience life so fully that we are truly luck to be a wild woman!

Your story teller/ poet/ wild woman :D


  1. I've just finished reading the biography of Roxanna Britton by her great granddaughter Shirley S. Allen. Great story about being a strong woman.

  2. This is a very pretty post that you shared at my last Fabulous Friday.. I will be taking a break from my party and co hosting with Dream Create and Inspire.. You can link up with that party which is every Wed, just leave a comment on my blog so I know you came to the party! Its huge so I don't want to miss you. Hugs Maria http://www.simplenaturedecorblog.com/


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