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Sometimes when I am cleaning out notebooks I find writings. I meant to get to, I will expand on, I will write this story out. So I am including one of those here today. Forest Changers is the title of this piece. It is a different type story then I normally write, but I wanted to share it anyways.

Once upon a time in a land so far away you couldn't see it if you squinted, there was a young boy who liked to wander in the woods. These were no ordinary woods. Each time the boy would enter the woods the trees would become alive. they would move and new paths were exposed in front of him. He could explore each pathway only once. These were enchanted woods. The air in this forest seemed to sparkle with glitter as he walked through the sun lit paths.

Each time the young boy entered the glitter fell down on him like rain. The world before him transformed into some new realm to explore. On this chosen day the woods changed to a new world that seemed a bit different. Houses were made of red clay and twigs, The outside of them looked like a small wind could blow them over. Inside thought was a magical place. When the young boy ventured into the house he saw dancing goats. buffalo bartenders, and crab waitresses. He definitely did not fit in, but as he was always ready for an adventure he stepped right in. A sheep dog came up to him and asked in a normal human voice if he wanted anything to drink. He said a water and the dog went to fetch it and came back with a dog bowl full of water for the young boy to lick up. The boy just said thank you and slurped up the water. The young boy felt largely out of place. All of a sudden he got up and walked out. As he made his way to the door the dog waved with a paw and said goodbye.

When the boy stepped back outside glitter again once appeared and the boy tried to find his path again, but alas it was gone. He looked around and he was searching for a way out and a new path formed in front of him. Spot lights from the sun seemed to point this new path as the way to go, so the young boy decided he should get on this path. No sooner did he enter the new path as it moved and shifted a little and glitter began to fall again.

so yes there is more but I will continue it again in a week. I hope you like this story so far. Animals waiting on people, dogs talking, worlds changing??? Yeah this one is a little off its rocker or is it ;)

Thanks for following along. This story will continue, I am sure this part will be edited and developed deeper.

I hope you all have an amazing week
your story teller/poet


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